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Mariah carey-if its over (unplugged) s

"If It's Over" is a song by Mariah Carey from her second album, "Emotions," but it was released a single from Mariah's EP, "MTV Unplugged." The song was written by Mariah Carey and Carole King, and produced by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff. The single was released in 1992.

Song InformationEdit

Several months after the release of "Emotions," Mariah performed the song during her appearance on the television show, "MTV Unplugged" as the second number on her setlist. Following the release of the EP, "MTV Unplugged," "If It's Over" was released as the album's second and final single in the third quarter of 1992. The version on MTV Unplugged is an edit as it omits the second verse and chorus. The single was released in Europe, Australia and Japan.

Music VideoEdit

The music video, directed by Larry Jordan, is compiled of footage from Carey's performance of the song on "MTV Unplugged."


Country Peak
Dutch Singles Chart 80

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