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Loverboy is a song by Mariah Carey which was the lead single for Mariah's eighth studio album, "Glitter." The single was released on July 16, 2001. The song was written by Mariah, Larry Blackmon, Thomas Jenkins, and Clark Kent. The song is built around a sample from Cameo's song, "Candy" who are also featured on the song. The song's remix featured rappers Ludacris, Da Brat, Shawnna, and Twenty II.


The original recording of the song features a different sample from Yellow magic Orchestra's song, "Firecracker", but was re-recorded last minute with a sample from Cameo's song, "Candy". The release attracted controversy after reports that Carey's ex-husband and former record label executive, Tommy Motolla, stole the idea of sampling "Firecracker" and included it on Jennifer Lopez's remix of "I'm Real", over a month after Mariah signed for it. Since the release of "Glitter" was a month after Lopez's debut album, "J-Lo," Mariah changed the song's melody to sample "Candy" instead. Lopez subsequently released her remix of "I'm Real" with the sample from "Firecracker" and peaked at #1 on the Billboard hot 100. "Loverboy", however, peaked at a disappointing #49 which led Virgin Records to reduce the price of the song to 49 cents. After the price cut, the song rose to a new peak of #2 but failed to top the chart due to poor radio airplay. Even though the song was known as the best-selling song of 2001 in the United States, it failed to attract success internationally.

Music VideoEdit

The music video for the song and remix were both directed by David LaChapelle. It showed Mariah dressed up as a car girl and flag girl while Cameo drives all over a racetrack.

In the remix music video, it shows Ludacris and Shawnna rapping together as they ride in an old car while Da Brat and Twenty II are rapping together in a modern car without a hood. The music video received mixed reviews from critic who felt that Mariah was being portrayed in an overtly sexual matter.


"Loverboy" topped Billboard's Hot R&B\Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart for 2 weeks in August of 2001. It also managed to peak at #45 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music\Club Play chart. The song managed to peak at #12 on the UK Singles chart, #7 on the ARIA charts in Australia and #3 in Canada, but failed to make much impact in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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